Northern Star Diamond Necklace
Northern Star Diamond Necklace

Northern Star Diamond Necklace

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The Northern Star or Polaris as it's also known, is the brightest star in the sky.

It has long been considered a symbol of constant steadfastness and has helped navigate travellers on their journeys for millennia.  

Our beautiful Northern Star design features a  9ct solid gold full moon pendant with a hand engraved 'Northern Star' setting a diamond.

The pendant measures approximately 7mm in diameter and 1.5 mm thick making it satisfyingly heavy.  Every pendant is totally unique as each piece has been hand shaped to make a pleasingly imperfect sphere.

 Our Northern Star Diamond Necklace has a highly polished finish and is completed with a 46cm pretty diamond cut 9ct solid gold fine chain.

If you require  a longer or shorter chain please contact us and we will be happy to meet your personal requirements.

Handmade to order at our London studio.